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False Choices in Children’s Literature : Dead White Guys or Trash

We just answered some mother’s questions about preschool curricula choices. The confusion arose because of some intended distraction fights among and between preschool educators.

Now, an even more pernicious false choice, even more intentionally caused. On the claim of needing to have diversity within the reading choices, all good literature has been banned. Good is defined as what has stood the test of time, and thus worth learning about. Further, it was replaced by tawdry, poorly written…. trash. Look, it is. Stop yelling and start thinking.

This situation in the classroom of teaching porn is heightened by the refusal to teach the classics. Diversity is great. INCLUDE female authors and authors of a variety of ethnic backgrounds or nationalities. Fine.

Reduce the book list  to only poorly written, modern books, especially on inappropriate topics, and you have ….   well, not anything worthy of being called learning. This is mis-education. And everyone knows it. That is why, instead of defending it, they get violent, first in words, then in actions, and finally in lawfare.


False Choice: Play or Learn

Thanks to some young mothers in homeschooling conversations this longstanding controversy arose, reminding me of all the wasted time I have heard this argued. Children should play! No! I want them to learn. This is such a false choice. It is a trap. It is what is called a “false dichotomy” as if there are only two discrete choices. This is not true. In this case, the best is a “both-and.”

In other situations, the best is something else entirely. It is not just home-school mothers who bless their hearts are just asking what is best, which way to go. I have seen educators engage silly disputes. Indeed, I have seen professors spur this on. And that is the problem. WHY is this such an issue.

New home-schoolers are just asking. But why would flocks of teacher argue about this for decades. Because it is what they were taught. Let’s consider that.  But first, let’s answer the moms.  Enable your child to learn while they are playing — as far as they are considered. As long as you get your head out of the 2D world and don’t obsess on making your two year old boy sit still, you have no problems. It all becomes easier when you see that.


This is an episode from our 8 part series on manners and etiquette. Important and apparently entirely unknown among the younger set. No more important job skill. Get the series. On sale now.