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Encountering God is the Best of Summer Activities

Every year the episode on activities to do during the summer is a popular episode. This year, we are running a little them, with some rebroadcasts of old interviews. Be sure to hear what Becky Fischer told us about children encountering God, not just having a few warmed over stories in the basement. (Guess what her young life was like? Well, not exactly: she was the preacher’s daughter and had to teach the children in the basement when she was young. After a successful business career, she is now teaching teachers and children alike..)

So, this week, Mr. Wisenhutter, then of Austin, a high tech worker, shared with us his youth program, where again, the students encounter God for themselves. Given both opportunity and oversight, youth can go just about what adults can. In this day and hour, it is imperative to give children and youth access to wholesome life change, life affirming, life protective experiences. There is no waiting around!

This is not a dreary drug prevention campaign! This is a real high in Holy Spirit. Check it out.

Children in Touch with God


Searching for what to do this hot summer? Here is an inside activity that is hot hot hot! And very cool, too. This is a re-run from our radio day with Mr. Chris Wiesnhutter, often called “Weezy”. He worked in high tech, but at that time was running the Children’s Equipping Center, I believe at True Life Church in Round Rock.


This completes the thought we started with our Becky Fischer interview (of course she has curricula and events). It is high time to pay attention to the children’s ministry. We have Sunday School curricula that is informed by leftist doctrine. We have Children’s Church that is nothing but candy and games without Christian content. Then, we send our children off to schools where instead of traditional educational content, they are battered by every form of perversity.

Thank God for the exposure of the evil, if that is used to eliminate it. We must have that in a democratic republic. But we also, even more, need the banner of positive what to do. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises a standard. This raises the standard.

I saw a posting on Twitter, purportedly by some pastors’ organization that seems to say that it is important to send children to government schools for the good of the whole. Is this appropriate evangelism? Or is this is lie, asking for sacrifice of children to Ba’al?


Allow children, lead children, to hear from God. Of course, they also need a strong foundation of the Bible. Here what Weezy says: they pray the Bible and share their insights. Their eyes are fixed on Jesus.

If children have adult problems, how much more should they be equipped. Jesus, even when he was here on earth, said, “Let the children come to me.”

This summer, why don’t you read Scripture with your children? Memorize some verses. Sing Bible songs. Spend some time even praying — including listening. Talk with other parents about what is happening and what should be happening in your children’s department. If you go to a house church, what is happening with the children?

Why don’t children have access to what the adults do in church?

Children love to meet with Jesus. Jesus is enough.

Questions Answered: The prophetic, soul-winning, speaking truth in love

Happened to see some videos of Kim Clement being interviewed on TBN the week before 9/11. Kim had already gained a large reputation as a prophet. He says some interesting things.

Certainly, he speaks against laziness and manipulations. I understood him to speak against prophets coming and making a bless me show, that leaves most people out. Is that what you heard?

He expresses some reservations about the “prophetic movement” meaning Christians running around and giving personal prophecies to other Christians. I have expressed some reservations in my own book, Prophetic Order, and have never until today heard others say similar things. He says it is disrespectful to God to misrepresent him. I note that the accuracy is poor, often it is conducted in ways that are prideful or especially disrespectful to the clergy. Further, it contravenes I Corinthians 14 about how such things are handled. I would not be willing to entirely forestall the use of prophetic words in evangelistic contexts, but suggested we needed to be more clear and to do better. Clearly, Kim Clement is more well-known and raised these concerns now nearly 2 decades ago.

He also addresses the importance of soul winning, and how the prophetic might work in this situation. For those who don’t know, he is quoting I Corinthians 14 about how prophecy/the prophets should work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msdbskEds10

He also says that today, younger people desperately need to know they have worth to God; they already know that they are sinners. One certainly wonders in 2019, when we hear such a monolithic onslaught of tertiary deviance (deviance taught as correct) coupled with a bullying intimidation against any voice that disagrees, no matter how Biblical, traditional or scientific. Still in all, I think how Kim demonstrates the evangelistic prophetic in the story is very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuN0qSiVWyI

If you have a good story about speaking what you knew was the Word of the Lord, or a Holy Spirit lead word, to a sinner, in love, that worked or in others words evoked worship or repentance, please share.