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Children in Touch with God


Searching for what to do this hot summer? Here is an inside activity that is hot hot hot! And very cool, too. This is a re-run from our radio day with Mr. Chris Wiesnhutter, often called “Weezy”. He worked in high tech, but at that time was running the Children’s Equipping Center, I believe at True Life Church in Round Rock.


This completes the thought we started with our Becky Fischer interview (of course she has curricula and events). It is high time to pay attention to the children’s ministry. We have Sunday School curricula that is informed by leftist doctrine. We have Children’s Church that is nothing but candy and games without Christian content. Then, we send our children off to schools where instead of traditional educational content, they are battered by every form of perversity.

Thank God for the exposure of the evil, if that is used to eliminate it. We must have that in a democratic republic. But we also, even more, need the banner of positive what to do. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises a standard. This raises the standard.

I saw a posting on Twitter, purportedly by some pastors’ organization that seems to say that it is important to send children to government schools for the good of the whole. Is this appropriate evangelism? Or is this is lie, asking for sacrifice of children to Ba’al?


Allow children, lead children, to hear from God. Of course, they also need a strong foundation of the Bible. Here what Weezy says: they pray the Bible and share their insights. Their eyes are fixed on Jesus.

If children have adult problems, how much more should they be equipped. Jesus, even when he was here on earth, said, “Let the children come to me.”

This summer, why don’t you read Scripture with your children? Memorize some verses. Sing Bible songs. Spend some time even praying — including listening. Talk with other parents about what is happening and what should be happening in your children’s department. If you go to a house church, what is happening with the children?

Why don’t children have access to what the adults do in church?

Children love to meet with Jesus. Jesus is enough.

Healing, as Taught by Jesus

Jesus heals. Matthew cites Isaiah 53 as an explanation of the miraculous healings that Jesus did. We believe in healing and will take is any way it comes. We don’t believe the stories that God wants our children to suffer.

Please enjoy our little mini-series on healing.

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Should We Celebrate Christmas?

I agree that we do not know when Jesus was born, but probably not December the 25th, Baal’s birthday. However, we should not get distracted by arguing about it. I was greatly encouraged by a sermon from George Whitefield entitled “The Good Shepherd.” He proved from John 10 that Jesus attended the Feast of Dedication, Hanukah, even though there was not Biblical commandment to do so. Nevertheless, Jesus went to the temple, because that is where His countrymen were gathering and he had an assignment to share the gospel there. We too, can be with our family, friends, and country and share the gospel. Arguing about the correct date for Jesus’ birth is a distraction.

Further, Whitefield said how grateful he was that to his knowledge not a single pamphlet of the Methodist church of his time had been published on the non-essentials of the faith. We have enough to cover in the essentials of faith and Truth in our society today.

Merry Christmas

Servant leadership is the only real leadership

Today a Mr. Masuzoe became the new governor of Tokyo. In his speech today he said he would work to restore the citizen’s confidence. He ended his speech with “I must never forget that I serve the people of Tokyo.”  Although I do not know anything about Japanese politics, I was impressed by this fellow’s speech, especially how he ended. Yes, public officials should remember above all else that they serve the people in their district. Not just the people who elected them, not just doing the job as they see fit, and surely not just doing what they can get away with — but serving their constituents. Everyone with power should be doing this, because this is what having authority means: taking responsibility, serving.  Jesus served. Jesus, creator of the universe, poured himself out, not just for our small, unwise desires, but indeed, FOR US. That is why he is now Lord of All. Let us all follow that example. 

BTW, that is what moms do.