Should We Celebrate Christmas?

I agree that we do not know when Jesus was born, but probably not December the 25th, Baal’s birthday. However, we should not get distracted by arguing about it. I was greatly encouraged by a sermon from George Whitefield entitled “The Good Shepherd.” He proved from John 10 that Jesus attended the Feast of Dedication, Hanukah, even though there was not Biblical commandment to do so. Nevertheless, Jesus went to the temple, because that is where His countrymen were gathering and he had an assignment to share the gospel there. We too, can be with our family, friends, and country and share the gospel. Arguing about the correct date for Jesus’ birth is a distraction.

Further, Whitefield said how grateful he was that to his knowledge not a single pamphlet of the Methodist church of his time had been published on the non-essentials of the faith. We have enough to cover in the essentials of faith and Truth in our society today.

Merry Christmas

2 thoughts on “Should We Celebrate Christmas?

  1. Al DeFilippo

    Thank you for the post. I had this discussion this week with a friend who is struggling with a believing associate of his who will not celebrate any of the Christian holidays, only the Old Testament Jewish festivals. The Whitefield reference is spot on. Thank you. If you interest in a novel in which George Whitefield is featured, please visit the website for the book series, The Asbury Triptych Series, a trilogy about the early ministry of Francis Asbury. Whitefield features in the opening book, Black Country. The website also contains numerous articles about the early Methodist movement. The website for the book series is Again, thank you for the post.

    1. greatshalom

      I recently enjoyed a movie about Wesley: starring Burgess Jenkins. Although its depiction of events in Georgia are controversial, I recommend the movie heartily. This led me to listening to sermons, especially by Whitefield on God send us such preachers today to renew church and country.


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