Dad is Pleased to Have a Little Guy

I was walking this evening and met a family coming down the street. The little guy in the stroller said, “Hi” when he saw me. I said “hi” back and the parents greeted me. I said, “I think it was the little guy who said ‘hi’.” “Yes, he is very friendly,” said the mom. But it was the look of the dad that really got me. He looked like a young guy to me; one of those silly hairdos that look like he just got up from bed. Probably a responsible 30 year older, given that the houses are fairly nice around here. Doesn’t matter to the story. What I noticed was that as we were talking about “the little guy” he was looking down with such a look of joy. He was clearly glad he had a son.

God thinks about you that way.

And oh, if only we could remember that, feel that, then maybe we could remember to stay in that bliss with our kids too.

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