Pistol and Rifle Prayer

I was rotating through the dial of the radio station and heard some old guy going on about politics, witchcraft, and masonry in Washington DC. I’ve been round lots of blocks; I’ve heard it before; I wasn’t really very interested. But he said something that somehow I thought was brilliant. After he had gone on for some time about witchcraft being set about and influencing our nation’s capital, he told his followers to pray a certain prayer against it every hour (his pistol prayer) and another every day (his rifle prayer.)

It just occurred to me that this was brilliant. Unlike so many who go on and on about the problems of our nation, world, or other institution (and some of this is entirely right), this fellow had an answer. Now, you might say prayer is a poor answer. Wait! If witchcraft is the problem, prayer is absolutely the answer. So his solution absolutely fight the answer. Fear, hatred, and/or more (psuedo-)intellectualism would not have been.  So if his followers think that witchcraft might be a problem, then praying against it is the obvious, if little thought of, answer.

Probably prayer is always a good answer. Good prayer can do much. Many miracles have been produced from prayer. Good prayer can also do much on the hearts of the people praying.  Let’s us therefore dedicate ourselves to starting with prayer. Whatever problem we face, let us commit our selves to God, roll our cares upon Him, and ask for guidance. If praying for a miracle is requisite, then by all means, let’s pray and pray big.

And regularly is fine.

And if you don’t know how to pray, using a prayer from your pastor or teacher is a fine idea.

Do you have any prayer testimonies? Prayers to share for the world’s problems? For children today? For educators today?

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