Encountering God is the Best of Summer Activities

Every year the episode on activities to do during the summer is a popular episode. This year, we are running a little them, with some rebroadcasts of old interviews. Be sure to hear what Becky Fischer told us about children encountering God, not just having a few warmed over stories in the basement. (Guess what her young life was like? Well, not exactly: she was the preacher’s daughter and had to teach the children in the basement when she was young. After a successful business career, she is now teaching teachers and children alike..)

So, this week, Mr. Wisenhutter, then of Austin, a high tech worker, shared with us his youth program, where again, the students encounter God for themselves. Given both opportunity and oversight, youth can go just about what adults can. In this day and hour, it is imperative to give children and youth access to wholesome life change, life affirming, life protective experiences. There is no waiting around!

This is not a dreary drug prevention campaign! This is a real high in Holy Spirit. Check it out.

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