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School Vouchers : Ray Moore, Douglas & Hawkins, and Alex Newman Weigh In

As promised (finally!) I unpack what people are saying about “school choice” i.e. vouchers. Is this a boon? Free government money? Government money for private Christians schools? For homeschoolers? Really?

So, in the first of 3 episodes, we begin to summarize the book Vouchers: Shekels with Shacklesfrom Frontline Ministries.  You can find them at http://ChristEdu.Org/

This 50 page book includes a number of authors. In this episode, we will take the introduction and first 3 authors: Ray Moore, Diane Douglas & Richard Hawkins and Alex Newman.

Moore writes the introduction and this his own chapter: “Do No Harm.” Then Douglas and Hawkins write on “Vouchers:He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules.”  And then Alex Newman, whom we discovered so happily on as a proponent of home education, writes the chapter, “UN Report” Use Tax Money to Control Private Education.”  Look folks, when Pinkie & The Brain publish on the internet exactly how they are going to take down your freedom and enslave you, you must Thank the Lord and pay attention — rather than just sleep and hope for the best.

Here is the form to get the downloaded book from me, School Vouchers: Shekels to Shackles. It is my understanding that the pdf is to be shared and I would like to keep in touch. I will not avalanche you and I will not share your information with others.


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School Vouchers: Shekels to Shackles

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School Choice : History, Yes & No

Today, I am embarking on adding information to the conversation about school choice. It seems to be a hot topic. Indeed, it is about overcoming learning problems in our day. Many of my listeners will be interested.  I am going to give you a little bit of the history of this discussion from my own personal history. Then I will tell you what seems good about school choice, the yes, and then what seems bad, the no.

There is a history to this discussion. It has gone on in Canada and in other states. Knowing that, we should look into what has happened previously.

Then, I offer this resource: Vouchers: Shekels with Shackles, published by Christian Education Initiative. My understanding is that this pdf is for wide distribution. Please read. Here is the origin:    Next week, I will give you a little more sample from the authors’ essays given in this booklet. Please take, read, think through, and share.

Seasoned Voice in the Vaccine Debate

There is a lot of talk about vaccines today. Some not reasonable. Some reasonable demonstrably suppressed. For now, let me make available to you a seasoned voice. It is a re-run from 2009. The voice is someone who was known as a world-class researcher, across many nations, with many publishing partners — top of the line scholar and front line researcher. Then, he listened to some parents. Then, there was an effort to put him down. Villify him. He was exonerated, but maybe you didn’t hear that. The practice he founded that helps children with autism (who have a lot of money) continued here in Austin — without him because of the persecution. Listen to what he says, so reasonably. Know that the persecution had only started at that time. He articulated his dismay to me off mic. How could this be? How could people endure this? Consider how reasonable he was. Yet, I was enthusiastic because the claims match what I know of a different kind of science, that relies on statistics. Further, my doctor had given me a book with citations to peer reviewed journals. I know that there was a great deal of real scientific evidence to suggest the question that was being raised.

Subsequently, the furor got hotter. The man was discredited. His credentials taken away. Terrible things were said on social media by ignorant people. “Oh, he hurt children!” one said. I asked her, “How is it that a RESEARCHER, calling for greater safety measures, can be said to hurt children?” She could say nothing in reply. Because she knew nothing of the case. She was only emotionally incited by… someone who was lying to her… for their economic gain. THEY were the ones hurting children.

Later, courts and research verified that the good doctor was blameless. During those years, more children were hurt. Mostly irreparably so, because the entire medical establishment was snookered. They were told that nothing was known about the cause of autism. So a known, but not patentable, treatment was denied. The cause continues. Often encouraged by tax dollars. More children’s lives ruined. While manufacturers continue to make profits. And continue to lie. One of the ways I count them lying was to make what appeared to be a mothers’ support group. It was a front group. They told mothers that nothing could be done. They got speaking engagements pushing this view on professional educators’ conferences.

But more doctors and more parents know. But so many children!

Today, the issue seems a bit different. But it is not. It continues to center on safety, especially for children. Safety of vaccines. And the narrative is again manipulated. Someone makes profit on this.

Could there be something even more? If so, it would be unimaginably cruel.

Do you own thinking. Let this old audio file make you think.

What Rich Parents Teach Their Children

Every parent wants to set their child up for a good life. They can do that mostly by what they teach them. Giving them an inheritance of course helps, but the inheritance of mindset, worldview and knowledge and skills are even more important. This is perhaps the most practical teaching on the subject of getting rich that you will ever hear. I do have more, but I will save it for the time when more people want to hear it. If that is you, contact me. Let me know of your interest.

The summer will be over quickly. (Altho, yes, I know it is hard to imagine!) use your time with your children wisely!

Get the book: Learn at Home For Great Shalom now.