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Detoxify? A child? Detoxification for children at Mom Level

Today, I share with you why detoxification is important and possibly of utmost importance in addressing “autism.” While chelation therapy  is the gold standard, this might not be right for the situation. Here are some ideas from the kitchen on how to eat a diet that should allow for more excretion of toxins than does the standard diet. Some ideas to think about and others to ask about.



How to remove aluminium from a child’s body?


All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet

The Feingold For ADHD

The Feingold Cookbook  

In the time period Dr. Feingold was writing these books, ADHD was the problem was the one most talked about. The other big contribution, besides the elimination idea, was the identification of artificial colors as a culprit for many people. One would think that the idea would be well known by now. BTW, I am not necessarily recommended and I get no comission ; I am just posting these for your convenience. Feel free to comparison shop.

Of course, fasting is a detox method also, but I don’t recommend that for small children! Still, I will post a few books along that line. Dr. Colbert is one of our friends.


The Daniel Detox: 21 Days

Toxic Relief

Eat This and Live!

Healthy Brain Zone

Please Share with us resources that worked for you.\

New news:

I never even thought of this: that anyone would use applesauce in any manner except out of a glass jar (or unless travelling out of a plastic cup with a spoon.) I would not use these pouches, they are not even in my awareness…. oh yes, in daycares. Well, here is bad news. Isn’t that interesting that this news came the very week that I tell you about the history of a leading family and their child… and recommend applesauce. Wow!  Spiritual warfare!  Be prudent, take things in context, and find good help.

Love you. Have a blessed holiday season.

Holiday Foods for Health and Smarts

Today, I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. Everyone here in the United States, especially if they are the cook for their family or friends is doing the same. So, today, I’m re-running my episode on great, basic, traditional foods that help health for body and brains.

New links:

20 Brain Foods That Will Boost Your Focus & Productivity


Recently, I heard someone who seemed bright and even-handed talk about human parts that were used as food additives. Oh my God! Dear, Lord, save us! After the past 2 years, I tend to believe that this could happen.

While I do not know about that, I do know that most processed food has problems. Artificial dyes created hyper-activity or attention problems in 80% of the population. I know that the most common ingredients in face soap and shampoo creates skin problems for me, and is used in industry for widely different uses. Do you want the same chemical used for stripping off ship’s deck varnish for taking off your makeup?

But organic vegetables have a hard time to find any critics.


So, I commend to you the basic, traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas foods. Sweet potatoes are some of the most nutritious foods around. Wash, bake, and serve with free range butter. Nothing better! (Do not, do not, use canned potatoes, the poorest around, and then glop up with the worst sugary stuff around!)  Then, make some apple pies, with pie apples and fresh flour and butter. How about some greens with nut gravy? How about some salad with mandarin orange slices? How about some mixed nuts instead of my old favorite: Texas Trash. Notice where the recipe came from? The cereal companies. Read the ingredients there and forget it. Get some lightly salted mixed nuts.

Have fun. And while you are snacking, talk to your family, play games with them, and lay off too much screens. If you do screen, share the big one from far away.  Okay?

The first step in helping learning disabilities is to prevent them! Food has got to be part of the equation.


Overcoming Nursing Problems with a Recipe for Baby Formula

Young Mom Finds Victory Over Nursing Challenge

who wants the dilemma of not being able to breastfeed but not wanting to feed  your baby commercial formula. Have you seen the ingredient list? “Breast is best,” but what if it is not possible?

Christina Nichols is our guest today, telling her story of victory over a nursing challenge. She found a great recipe for baby formula that she shares. Links to cookbook below. Lots of fun!  And very good news.  Especially today!

Links to Resources for Nursing / Baby Formula Help  The La Leche League — club for women to help each other breastfeed

Christina’s recommendation on a cookbook

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is your source for accurate information on nutrition and health, always aiming to provide the scientific validation of …

Find out more about the baby formula crisis here

How to deal with Covid related health problems from courageous doctors – Querticin, Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamins, Budesonide –

This is verbatim from the Restore 7 Newsletter Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow.

II. First Addition

We’ve sent this email out a few times due to how many of you have requested it, but we wanted to add a little bit of new information we’ve been hearing about.

Some of you may want to consider the monoclonal antibodies infusion. We have heard this may also be an option to consider for anyone who is diagnosed with covid, but you would need an order from a doctor. We have heard positive feedback from some about it, although we personally did not receive this treatment. President Trump received it and responded well. From what we can tell from the research we have done, this treatment was not developed using fetal cell lines. Learn more about it and locate an infusion center in your area here:

The rest of this email is the same information we’ve sent out before…

I. First Email

As many of you may have heard, Johnny and I recently recovered from Covid. We sent some of this information a few days ago and I wanted to resend it and add some more information that wasn’t in the previous email. I pray this is helpful, empowering, and informative for many! Bottom line…no fear!!!

I believe that supernatural healing is available to us and that Jesus paid the price for us. I also believe that He is teaching us, as a generation, about how our bodies were created to work and our role in stewarding health and healthy choices for our bodies and things in the earth that affect us. He is teaching and empowering us for healing on every level. We are definitely needing to learn so much in this area and stop handing over our decisions to doctors. They should be empowering us to understand and make wise, holistic decisions for ourselves and our families. When you educate yourself about how your body works and was created to heal itself when given the right things God created for our use and stewardship—you are not undermining His ability and desire to also supernaturally heal you. I believe it is both/and : )

If you are in the medical field, I bless you to be courageous and bold. Use your voice and influence for healing. Be willing to learn and grow in your perspective. Partner with holistic doctors and learn more about the immune system. Be willing to look beyond what you have been told and taught. You are being invited by God Himself to partner with Him in new ways in medicine…reformation is upon us and you have an opportunity to be a part of it or soon get left behind! For those few who have been willing to put your career on the line at this time and truly help people, thank you!!!!!

I am sharing some links and information with you of how we personally were able to treat ourselves from home. I am NOT giving you medical advice because I am obviously not a doctor. Nor am I willing to reply to any questions from this email—but I can share some research with you and encourage you to do your own research. You will also need to know/research correct doses, potential drug interactions, and if it’s safe for you if pregnant or nursing…I cannot give any of that information.

While there are some doctors that genuinely care about people recovering from this virus, as you probably suspect as well, I believe many are deceived and are not doing all they can.

First, some things I have learned about covid from online research (again, do your own research to confirm and make your own decisions).

In short… Evidently, there are three aspects to Covid that you have to deal with… Virus replication, inflammation from the virus, and potential thrombosis (blood clotting).

The way you deal with the replication is by getting zinc into your cells. Zinc can be best absorbed by taking one of three things…either quercetin, ivermectin, or HCQ (hydroxycholoquine).

The way you deal with inflammation is through something like budesonide (a steroid you inhale) Although you nebulize it into your lungs it helps with inflammation in your entire body including your lungs. Wherever there is inflammation you have excess mucus which is why people get pneumonia with Covid. If they get pneumonia then they need an antibiotic to kill the bacteria that grows in your lungs from the inflammation. Some have had success with a Z Pack or clarithromycin antibiotics.

You deal with the potential blood clotting by taking 325 mg of aspirin daily while you have symptoms of Covid.

Of course there are other things you can do to boost your overall immune system such as high doses of vitamin D, C, and A. Even if you are not sick, you can take zinc and quercetin daily.

If someone has to be hospitalized… they can insist on high doses of vit C and zinc in IV form. If someone has pneumonia in the hospital they can also lay on their stomach with their head lower than their heart to keep from suffocating. From what others have shared, the last thing anyone should consider is being on a ventilator! There are many personal stories you can watch from others online, but here is a very informative one: Those who may be hospitalized or their family may need to be incredibly bold and insist on a different protocol than a hospital will typically agree to. Do not assume they are right! If you have to, get an attorney involved to advocate for you and do not give your consent for them to just stick someone on a ventilator and basically do nothing. That is clearly not working for most patients who end up in the hospital.

Here is the basic information from research I have done:

1. Here is a website where you can pay for a phone appointment to get medications that most doctors are not willing to prescribe even though stats show there are several medicines that can be game changers when someone has Covid.
There so many sick right now that they may take a few days to get back to you, which is why you may consider getting an appointment and filling your prescriptions before you actually need them…to have on hand.

2. It is my understanding that zinc keeps the virus from replicating. But our body needs help utilizing the zinc which can be helped by one of the following: either HCQ (hydroxycholorquine) or ivermectin or quercetin. Quercetin can be bought at a vitamin store or ordered online. We took and still take 500mg of quercetin twice a day and 20mg of zinc. You may be able to increase that amount if you are sick? There are symptoms to watch for if you are getting too much zinc…do an online search.

3. It is my understanding that a potential complication can be blood clotting. We were told by our dr to take 325mg of aspirin a day with food while we had symptoms. You would not want to take aspirin at the same time as ibuprofen or alive, etc. We took Tylenol as we needed it.

4. We were told that the most important thing to do is monitor your pulse oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter finger monitor that you can order online or get at a pharmacy. It’s important your oxygen stay above about 95. Even if it lowers a few times when you are walking around or sleeping deeply, the main thing is that you want to be able to take a few deep breaths and see it raise back up. This really helped me when I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and gave me peace of mind that I was still getting enough oxygen.

5. It can be helpful to get prescriptions filled ahead of time to have on hand if someone gets sick. We had ordered Ivermectin ahead and therefore had it when we needed it. It is much easier to get the prescriptions filled at a compounding pharmacy rather than a chain. We were unjustly denied our prescriptions at a regular pharmacy. Many do not want the population to have access to meds for Covid. Just search for a compounding pharmacy in your area.

6. We were encouraged to take high doses of Vit C, Vit D, 15mg zinc, and quercetin (which allows your body to absorb the zinc). We take the vitamins whether sick or not to keep our immune systems up.

7. We bought a nebulizer online (with a face mask) and used that with a prescription for budesonide. Grace ended up getting pneumonia and that was a huge difference for her recovery especially.

8. There are two drinks that were recommended to us from here:
Hydro Shot is a drink infused with oxygen that you drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for recovery.
Silver Bullet is a drink infused with zinc and some caffeine from green tea so it needs to be taken early in the day with food.
Warning, they don’t taste very good, but are good for you : )

9. You may find these links informative and helpful:

This is an interview with Dr. Zelenko who helped treat President Trump.

This is an interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett who is an ER doctor. God gave him a protocol through a dream and has successfully treated many patients with covid. He treated our family.

Note from GSB> PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. We can not count on the bigger social media and search engines to make this info available in a fair and open way. Thus, it depends upon us to help our friends and neighbors.