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Dr. Naomi Wolfe Covers News About Mom and Baby Health

Dr. Naomi Wolfe Covers News About Mom and Baby Health. It is disturbing. You may want to know to prevent your own demise, and the demise of fertility of your progeny. If you are a lawyer, you should definitely listen. If you are a pastor and did not know this, you should listen, and then repent on your face. If you are a mom, who has been injected, maybe have your husband listen, and  you don’t. Too disturbing.

To do: stay safe from the C0v!d V@x! Detox to extent you can. Find an independent healthcare provider. Find an hospital alternative. Find a pastor who is a real Christian and a real man.

Overcoming Nursing Problems with a Recipe for Baby Formula

Young Mom Finds Victory Over Nursing Challenge

who wants the dilemma of not being able to breastfeed but not wanting to feed  your baby commercial formula. Have you seen the ingredient list? “Breast is best,” but what if it is not possible?

Christina Nichols is our guest today, telling her story of victory over a nursing challenge. She found a great recipe for baby formula that she shares. Links to cookbook below. Lots of fun!  And very good news.  Especially today!

Links to Resources for Nursing / Baby Formula Help  The La Leche League — club for women to help each other breastfeed

Christina’s recommendation on a cookbook

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is your source for accurate information on nutrition and health, always aiming to provide the scientific validation of …

Find out more about the baby formula crisis here