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Things to Watch for If Your Child Got the Jab — and other articles

Australian Researchers Call for Pause on Gene-Based COVID-19 Vaccines Amid Spike in Excess Deaths – reported in Epoch Times

COVID-19 Vaccines Can Potentially Worsen Cancer: Review – Epoch Times headline — ah, we knew last year that the jab caused a more than 300% spike in deaths from cancer alone

4th Vaccine Dose Showed Negative Relative Vaccine Efficacy Against COVID Death: Stud translated: if you get a 4th dose, you are more likely to get covid, not less

More Bad News About nRNA, Vaccines, Jabs

Unbelievable and very regrettable news about Methodist Hospital. Once a trusted hosptial in Texas only somewhat after the Texas legislatrue made it illegal for them to mandate the jab, did they permit their employees who wisely refused to take the “covid vaccine” (actually not a vaccine and not against covid). They actually were a leader in the move and continue to be in a highly publixezed lawsuit against a doctor who was one of the first whistleblowers. Incredibly, they continue to promote taking teh vaccine.

Now, what employee, who veing in the meial feild would know of a certainty that people who took the jab shed covid and have other health problems, including much higher risk of dying, and perhaps can share that risk, — knowing this=– why would the want to return to Methodist Hospital to work? After what, about 3 years?  And why o why would anyone go to Methodist Hospital as a patient. They knowingly participated and forced others to participate in what clearly was dangerous for many reasons and proved in the end to be greatest genocide on the planet. Incredible. And the greatest violation of the US Constitution, as well.

They wanted us to get boosters for a reason. People are not. Thank God. Death rates are up. Invest in SCI, the biggest owner of funeral home. Consider why, then, would anyone take a jab that was even stronger along the very lines of the most dangerous part of the jab?

Thank  you to Epoch Times for reporting. As a youth, the publisher faced the Maoist regime by reporting news. Most of his employees were murdered for it. Amazingly, thank God, he was spared and came to the US. Similar pattern. Please share.

Help Children in Israel who are Traumatized

We are running an old episode in response to the current event of the demonic genocidal mass terror attack on unarmed kibutzim families and the response of the State of Israel. We were blessed many years ago with an interview from David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, who has established a therapeutic center for children traumatized by violence in Israel. They accept, without pay necessary, both Jewish and non-Jewish children. Yes, they accept Arab, Palestinian or other children who are injured and want help.

Mr. Rubin was in Austin years ago, sharing how he and his small child was shot by a terrorist while they were going to the dentist. They lived, somehow, miraculously. It turned out that he was the 1,000th patient in the hospital and was thus interviewed by the press.  His 2 year old child had been shot through the neck and took some years of therapy to return to optimum.  In response, he founded this center for children. He brought in doctors, psychologists, and also horses, etc. for all children in such need.


Doubtless, they will have more patients, given the current situation. Please send money directly to them, via their American arm.

I am so touched to see the outpouring of money, as posted on their website, even today.


David Rubin was born in Ohio, and moved to Israel as a young adult. There was nothing at Shiloh at that time. He joined a few other “caravans”  (what US folks call “RVs”) that began a settlement. They braved a great deal, including random shootings over the year, and have established a little city. Since Rubin’s sustaining life threatening injury, having in response established a therapy center for children, and raising funds in the US, other friends have chosen to go there and help in the harvest of grapes, apparently at Shiloh.

God knows. God rewards the good and recompenses the bad — eventually — I believe. When someone writes the “h” at the end of Shiloh, it signifies that God is involved.

Please make a generous gift. Feel free to add, in comments here, messages of cheer, love, and wellness to children.

First Things that a Mama Lioness Does

Last Time: Engage as  Mama Bear

Last time we talked a little bit about being a mama bear – holding other people accountable. Today, I am going to talk about my perspective that arises from 2 generations of failure, even with prodigious ability, to get government school officials to follow the law. I also recognize the work of Katy Marshall (Texas Scorecard) and her Exposed podcast, that discusses the dark side of Texas public schools. Trouble is, Texas is not somehow different than any other state. Maybe it is much better! They may have larger school districts — or not. They may have more conservative politicians – or not. They may have citizen who are more willing to speak out because they think the system is more conservative — probably.

Rabbit Trail: Isn’t it Odd?

Isn’t it odd, actually, how all our local school districts, in whatever state seem to be facing the same very strange problem of porn in school at the same time. Isn’t strange how, after FBI fingerprints being put in as a precaution back in 2007, and public outing of sex offenders’ locations online, that we still have so much sexual abuse of children? Isn’t it passing strange that when parents come to school board meetings, that across the country, they are treated as if they were criminal offender? And not just in one location or another.   Okay, but moving on.

Exposed : Dark Side of What is Going on in Government Schools

It happens that recent episodes  of Exposed have focused on alleged abuse in Prosper ISD. What needs to be understood in context is that Prosper is an reasonably affluent part of Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, fast growing, and not unusual. Some small towns might suffer less, but they are under the same ultimate management. Similarly, one thinks of Texas as a “red” state — but we have already discussed the false dichotomy of thinking that that means that governance is more conservative or just. Go back about 3 episodes for that.

Season 6 Episode 2 – The Other Cheek

Season 6 Episode 3 – The Spreading Rot


This time on Overcoming Learning Problems, I will share with you my maybe surprising conclusions about what is more important for a mother to do today. More conservative and more radically change oriented. Think Susanna Wesley! Change the world. And you will find it jolly well matches your personality, too, I imagine. You will be, should be surprised that I think so, but I do. My reflections today, after more fights with school officials than I wish to recall.


Knowing this, I expect you will find a deeper appreciation of what we are doing here at GSB: Overcoming Learning Problems. Our perspective will save your child from the abuse and academic degradation that you WILL find in government schools. Our perspective might save you the $87,000 one of our interviewees say that they charge families. It should save most home-schoolers a lot of grief, anxiety, and bewilderment. What I put out here, for free, is very valuable. Please make use of it, get more, and tell your friends.