The Truth Will Out! How GSB Brings You the Truth for Your Family’s Health, Prosperity, Happiness, and Holiness

It is astonishing to see, in this year, how pervasive and mordant and well received utter lies are. In the realm of food and education it is the same. The Great Shalom is here to bring you the best, in Biblical Faith, mother level health and education practices, and peeks into real science.

Science, unlike the Word of God, does change. Good science is modest in acknowledging that it can deal only with the empirical and temporal. It is further humble in that it knows it must be replicated, as it is a probablistic venture. Further, it expects to be build upon. What counts as our best science today is that which is in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

The next couple of we are going to take a dive into research on MSG. You will be surprised. This knowledge will help your children who have ADD, ADHD, or learning problems of many kinds. It will also help older people who are afraid of losing their cognitive powers and memory. Come back the next two weeks for that.

Today, we talk about how I got into this and my perspective about how science and revelation work together. We also talk about the role and work of The Great Shalom Broadcast.

Please be part of it all!

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