Excitotixin Glutamate : New Key to Learning Problems

Dr. Russel L. Blaylock MD provides information on glutamate as an excito-toxin. Yes, you knew that Accent and meat tenderizer was to be avoided, but did you know how pervasive glutamate is, in the American diet? Did you know that it is often mis-labelled or hidden in food? (We do tell you what to look for.) Did you know That is causes learning problems and anxiety/depression?
Also included, is a discussion of how we know, how to tell if something is scientifically true and what passes for science.

Why is this all good news? Because if you know what is poisoning your child — or you — then you can stop it! Of course, it is not good news that we are poisoning ourselves, but it is great news that we can do something about it easily. Stories that tell us to lower our expectations, figuring that God had simply put some limitations on us, is just not right. God wants total well-being for us. God didn’t bring the brokenness to the world; God created the world good. It is his gracious gift to teach us how to align with and use that world properly.

Dr. Blaylock has a number of books out. An older one is *Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills.* Please check for his works at your favorite bookseller. Or look for him at BlaylockWellness.com.

Thanks so much to the family friend that went out of her way to let me know about Dr. Blaylock and the dangers of excess glutamate.

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