Testimony of Miraculous Healing – 10 Year Anniversary

Today, June 8, 2017 is the 10 year anniversary of the first day The Great Shalom Broadcast went on the air. So, please hear the story again! (Oops, no it is only 9 years! Senility or innumeracy or wishful thinking? Oh no! Anyway, it is an anniversary and the story bears repeating.)

When my dad questioned whether I should stop working for a semester to home educated my grandsons after their accident, I explained that I could work a lifetime and not earn enough money to pay for the kind of therapy I could give them. Furthermore, there was no point in saving for their college if they could never read. He understood. Then my pastor questioned whether I should go, and I told him the same thing. “Can you really do that?” he asked. “Yes.” “Then write a book!” Well, the book is written.

My book, Learn at Home for Great Shalom was written to cover all learning needs of any child, especially those with special needs/learning disabilities. Guess what: we all have special needs! So in a home education system, we are impoverishing ourselves if we merely replicate what public school does. It was set up to deliver basic skills and basic assimilation for the masses. They wanted immigrants to understand the American system and be able to work in the factories. The understanding the elites want the masses to have has changed, but the basic mission of public school has not. By contrast, the far-seeing Christian parent wants to inculcate in their particular children the kind of mind, character, and personality so that they will thrive, prosper and lead.

The best education is aimed at furthering a particular child’s talents, overcoming his/her weaknesses, cultivating the joy of learning, promoting good character, superior academic skills, superior thinking, and superior vocational skills. A far cry from the aim of public school! So when a parent is considering how to plan for their child’s education, they need a great deal more to guide them than merely purchasing a curriculum that may merely cover basic academics. My book offers all these questions and gives pointers to where to find various resources. It helps the parent choose which method, which curricula, and which directions to go. It helps the parent be sure that everything is covered.

But who reads books? I felt to create a radio program. The pastors I consulted said it would be impossible. It is true that in today’s day and age, Christian radio programs don’t pay for themselves. But, I felt God wanted me to do this and I have beat the impossibility, by having a solvent ‘cast since then.

In the ‘cast, I address the underlying need, for parents to have hope and faith. Without that, they won’t look for or even see the resources for their children. So I preach faith and hope and share great ideas, often letting other experts share good ideas from their expertise. And we have had some great interviews! I tell the pastor of one denomination he is only responsible for the good idea he brings, and not all the ideas that the pastor from another denomination may hold. We are just sharing good ideas. That is true for the teachers, the psychologists, and every other “denomination” too. Sometimes listeners haven’t liked an idea I’ve brought, but everything is back by science, Bible, or experience. I work for all three together! Anyway, if you don’t like one episode stay tuned, for we move on.

Or you could comment. Blogs are good that way.

Please help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Share my testimony with anyone who needs it. Consider how you might participate – either sharing, or purchasing a resource, or giving. BTW, I discovered over the years that the 501(c)3 was not paying for itself, so giving is really giving here. I offer the convenience of good products, but sales do not pay for the tech let alone for the time for this podcast. It remains a labor of love — to help someone else.

Times have changed and so have needs. I continue to think about a daily prayer cast and a cast for the grandparent generation. However, the limitations of time and money weigh against. Please weigh in! Tell me what you need; what you think others need.

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