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Practical Tips for Stay at Home Time

Some great news. Some analysis. A few ideas for staying at home with children.

I’ve been specifically informed/asked to talk about ibuprofen for Covid-19. (Well, actually was I informed like this was vital news that we would need unless we were all going to die and I was responsible to get it out. Okay folks, you need to calm down.) So here is as far as I know, not being a doctor, just a mother. Well, generally the rule of thumb is that we are using acetaminophen (Tylenol) for fever in children. For general pain for adults, Ibuprofen works. There has been some discussion about not using Ibuprofen in cases of Covid-19, but of course there has never been any studies on this. Ask your doctor. I think he or she will talk to you similarly, in similarly calm terms.

Our heart do go out to all those who are sick and all those who care for them. We especially pray for those frontline medical people who are working long hours in cities where there really is an overage of cases. We rejoice in the news about the high rate of recovery. We hope that this will be a wake-up call that will improve our systems. What satan meant for evil, God meant for good.

We pray for repentance for our nation and revival for our church. We stir ourselves up to do the important things, our God assignments. We look to your youth for great new contributions. You, mom, are a big part of that. Thanks.

Be the Village

Apparently I made some sort of uploading mistake so today I am forced to give you a rerun. What would be good right before the elections? How about a consideration of how we together can influence education policy? That is certainly up for consideration in our vote in Texas.

You can see by the title that I start with the idea that Mrs. Clinton gave us in her *It Takes a Village.* In my book, *The Government is not a Village* I address each point she raised, organize those points, and update the statistics. It is not enough to simply retort, “NO, it takes two parents.” The fact is that there are many, indeed about 1/3rd of our children today who do not have both parents in the home with them. Further, even those that do, are impacted by the society around them and the educational opportunities that exist. While parents do bear the primary responsibility and should be given that freedom, citizens too, should consider how to make society better for children.

My book is available in paperback or eformat.

But how to do that is the question! Answers diverge from there and are seldom tested! Here are some statistics: Even controlling for household income, children who are in church/synagogue affiliated schools academically outperform those in public school. Even within public high schools, students who go to church/synagogue academically outperform.

So why do professors of Sociology not say that, but instead focus only on household income? Why do educators not say that, but focus instead only on the money voted for them in elections? Why have some state authorities suppressed this fact in teacher training? Why?

Well, let us talk about it. Please share. Please consider well whom you vote for. Please pray for all leaders including teachers, principals, city, school, county, state, national and international. As if the life of your child depended upon it.

Call to Arms for Parents and Educators

We have all seen the reality of the dark side. Today we unpack a Christian’s response, particularly for our children and their education. Primarily it is a spiritual battle. The trick of the enemy is to make us like him, like a devil. So “fighting evil” is itself a trap. Scripture, however, tells us exactly how to go forward in victory. We unpack 2 Timothy 3. (Rerun from 2012)