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The Blessing Economy

How to teach your children about success from a place of a Biblical understanding of the Blessing Economy.

It occurs to me that public school is an economy of cursing. Cursing is permitted, cursing children by labeling them is required, and the system drags down even the most well-meaning teacher into discarding children who require extra attention. This is not God’s economy. God’s economy is one of blessing. We start from God’s loving each one of us. We go forward knowing his rules are for our benefit. We proceed thru a life’s calling that is service and contribution and thus glory. Our end is resting in his glory/goodness/blessing. Think about it.

How as Teachers, We Can Bless Our Student

Pastor Mrs. Reddy, who works as a teacher in the Special Education Department of a school system in Texas, talks about how we can bless your student. Pastor Mr. Reddy might chime in.

Have a great school year!

Dr. Jeff Meyers on Passing the Baton

Jeff Meyers started a movement of mentoring. Did you know that young people really want mentoring contact? Dr. Meyers lets us in on the secrets of how to pass on the blessing. Originally a radio broadcast in August 2008.

For people who want to go deeper on this, ready for strong meat, Just this month I found pertinent message from Damon Thompson. Being a father is more important than being a warrior or a preacher or a whatever. Legacy is generational. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/damon-thompson-ministries/id618115914?mt=2

Please share any light you have on mentoring, parenting, or passing on the blessing.

The Blessing

GSB is now in a series about The Blessing. Hear how God wants to get the blessing to you and to your children. Last week we introduced the topic and this week we are doing a strong Bible study. Next week : how to bless your children.

How are you blessed with your children? How do you think God works to get blessing to you? How do you share the blessing with your children?