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First Things that a Mama Lioness Does

Last Time: Engage as  Mama Bear

Last time we talked a little bit about being a mama bear – holding other people accountable. Today, I am going to talk about my perspective that arises from 2 generations of failure, even with prodigious ability, to get government school officials to follow the law. I also recognize the work of Katy Marshall (Texas Scorecard) and her Exposed podcast, that discusses the dark side of Texas public schools. Trouble is, Texas is not somehow different than any other state. Maybe it is much better! They may have larger school districts — or not. They may have more conservative politicians – or not. They may have citizen who are more willing to speak out because they think the system is more conservative — probably.

Rabbit Trail: Isn’t it Odd?

Isn’t it odd, actually, how all our local school districts, in whatever state seem to be facing the same very strange problem of porn in school at the same time. Isn’t strange how, after FBI fingerprints being put in as a precaution back in 2007, and public outing of sex offenders’ locations online, that we still have so much sexual abuse of children? Isn’t it passing strange that when parents come to school board meetings, that across the country, they are treated as if they were criminal offender? And not just in one location or another.   Okay, but moving on.

Exposed : Dark Side of What is Going on in Government Schools

It happens that recent episodes  of Exposed have focused on alleged abuse in Prosper ISD. What needs to be understood in context is that Prosper is an reasonably affluent part of Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, fast growing, and not unusual. Some small towns might suffer less, but they are under the same ultimate management. Similarly, one thinks of Texas as a “red” state — but we have already discussed the false dichotomy of thinking that that means that governance is more conservative or just. Go back about 3 episodes for that.

Season 6 Episode 2 – The Other Cheek

Season 6 Episode 3 – The Spreading Rot


This time on Overcoming Learning Problems, I will share with you my maybe surprising conclusions about what is more important for a mother to do today. More conservative and more radically change oriented. Think Susanna Wesley! Change the world. And you will find it jolly well matches your personality, too, I imagine. You will be, should be surprised that I think so, but I do. My reflections today, after more fights with school officials than I wish to recall.


Knowing this, I expect you will find a deeper appreciation of what we are doing here at GSB: Overcoming Learning Problems. Our perspective will save your child from the abuse and academic degradation that you WILL find in government schools. Our perspective might save you the $87,000 one of our interviewees say that they charge families. It should save most home-schoolers a lot of grief, anxiety, and bewilderment. What I put out here, for free, is very valuable. Please make use of it, get more, and tell your friends.

PsyOp Death and Faith to Overcome Learning Disabilities

We have been learning many new things. The headlines are mesmerizing. Isn’t that so? Now we have all discovered and had confirmed what we had suspected in the area where we were: the evil has taken over the industry, the sector of society. Whether it is doctors going along with killing patients rather than helping them, or military focusing on not winning a war, or teachers being willing to hurt children — it is all the social structure that few are willing to contravene. But right to conscience based on the Judeo-Christian faith in something more than this here and now is what made our world great. And that hope continues. That God still reaches out his hand. Those who take hope, exercise faith, can overcome all the evil in the world.

My listeners, mostly mothers, but parents, grandparents and educators want to find solution to the learning problems their children have. Apply yourself here. Apply these solutions. Rather than being paralyzed by the word curses, the language that tells you that your child is hopeless and you must resign yourself. NO! These are not “disabilities” but “learning problems.”  Learning problems have solutions, even if we must learn what they are. Diagnoses should not be death knells but instead, guidance to parents and educators how to help the child. TM

You can pay someone any amount of money, hope for the best, feel like you did what you could, and resign yourself that it was impossible if it doesn’t work. Or, you could to a little investing, very little, and give it some application, and find your answer. Get the book, Learn at Home for Great Shalom at  Unique, it shows you how to consider what you child needs to learn and how to best deliver it. Then, get our *Celebrate the Victory* year long process. For sale this month only,  half price the already ridiculously low price, compared to what “providers” would charge you. Go to shop.

Homeschooled Children Do or DoNot Have to Prove They Have their Vaccinations?

Notice what is happening in Tennessee. In this almost solidly Republican state, a law was recently passed by the legislature (which they call the General Assembly) that homeschooled children do not have to report their vaccine status. But the state health department has instead created a new rule that they do. How does this work? First, most homeschooling is done under the auspices of some umbrella managed by a private school. Therefore the definition of what a homeshooled student is is unclear. Second, as is true across the country since the Progressive school of thought promoting the idea of an expanded bureaucratic expert run and enforced policy making, normal functions of legislative, executive, and judicial are overshadowed. That is what has happened in TN: the bureaucrats are continuing on, in defiance of the legislature. Here the full situation in their podcast.

Coming attractions. To your location.

To thoroughly understand the dynamic, take Hillsdale College 101 and 201 on The Constitution. Those free courses, lectures by their professors, show the contrast between the original philosophy of our Constitution and the Progressive view of an expert  polymorphous rule making and inquisitorial enforcement.  So, while the founders expected every citizen to be able to compare Bible to all the laws so they could correct any deviation in the law in order to secure their liberty; by contrast, we have a socialist bureaucratic voluminous, ever changing laws that favors the oligarchy.


The abrogation of rights by rulemaking.


Texas Recognizes Freedom to Privately Educate

Check out what an attorney in Texas says about home education there. Tim Lambert, along with his wife Lindsay founded Texas Homeschool Coalition. He continues to serve as legal counsel to members responding to schools’ missteps.IN this rerun, Mr. Lambert answers basic questions about home schooling in Texas.

Now, many of you are not in Texas. Please let our freedoms and procedures inspire you to make your state, country, province better. More liberty, to have better education, would surely be better, don’t you agree?

It was probably about 10 years ago that their high school aged children ran their very large homeschool coalition in the Woodlands convention center. Wow — and did they ever do a professional level job. Such a great advertisement for home education: mature and capable youth.

Laws vary widely. I don’t know why. Aren’t rights God-given? Didn’t we agree to empower governments to have a short list of powers and reserve the rest of the rights to ourselves? If you were not taught that in civics in Elementary school, then someone was …

… pulling the wool over your eyes?

…giving you an alternative “social studies” curriculum?

..trying to enslave you?

Anyway, from the beginning Texas RECOGNIZED the right to privately education one’s children. Since people started doing that — once again– academic rates have gone up. Social skills have gone up. Maturity has gone up. Check out the broadcast.


While I can not take a firm position on the new docu-series regarding the Duggars and the Bill Gotthard movement, I do want to raise some general questions about the intent of the creators.

I would counsel to not necessarily believe the negative spin — or really hit piece — on the Duggars and Bill Gotthard. I was not there. But I do know this sort of situation. Most organizations are not perfect. Most people in high demand group like that are indeed happy — and happier than their leavers!

Trailer :

Duggar response:

Another Duggar response :” There is no evidence that the children were abused… and won’t be unless there is (another) investigation. 

I wouldn’t want my family in front of a camera all the time.  But guys, do you remember what happened in the past 3 years?  Remember the news and social media … “spin”…. on the scamdemic?  Haven’t you learned to parse out both “news” and *projection*?

You figure out that if Pinkie and the Brain wanted to enslave the world, ahem, they would hate those out of the system the most. Home education is dangerous to tyrants — not only because it is separate and private, but even more because it creates character and the ability to think for oneself.

Other (Conservative Christian) ministry’s response Right Response Ministry

A conservative analyst’s response (Candace Owen)

Oh yes, even from a cult, especially from a cult experience,  there is no one who will more likely think for themselves than people who have had this experience. They have seen the world from different perspectives. They have been controlled. They have thought through the issues. They will likely leave. But they are much harder to fool. That is for sure.


Always ask what are the definitions being used. Linguistic confusion and domination is very often used today. What appears to be charity, for instance, become theft. What appears to be science is discovered to be ridiculously not. So and and so forth. In this case, is all patriarchy bad? Are all conservatives or all Christians bad? Is every woman who fills the traditional mother role somehow nefarious? Really?

Always ask what the general intent of the argument is. Clearly, there is a negative intent in this case. Fine, but why.

And what is it that they want you to do? Hate Christians? Hate large families?Hate people who experiment with alternative lifestyles? Hate tradtitionalism?  Really?  Really? Is that what you want to do? Is that where you want to be? Don’t be a pawn.

Always ask if there is a self-interest in that intent. What would the speaker like to get you to do? Would you do that if considered that in a full and level-headed way, instead of merely being repulsed by a negative picture. It is like jumping on a snake to avoid the one you saw. Look around.

Always ask if there is another side to the issue. Never decide until you have heard both sides.  All sides.

Ask what is being left out or hidden.  So, sure, we are horrified at some sexual abuse or some hurt of a child. But wait, in our culture today, sexual abuse is becoming celebrated in public policy and government schools. So,  how is it that we are herded into hate of some alternative group, focused on families and attempting rigtheousness?

Always hold in mind the phenomenon of projection, that people accuse others of exactly what they are doing. This is write large in politics today.

Always keep in mind that deception is a possibility. Double check both the facts and the interpretation of the facts. Remember: statistics don’t lie, but liars figure. Liars and marketers lay out their statistics in ways that are not fully straightforward.

If you are paying attention to your own life? Are you working nearly as hard to be a good person, doing the right thing, and helping others as the folks you are criticizing? If so, you probably don’t have time to really investigate other people’s lives. LOL