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Homeschooled Children Do or DoNot Have to Prove They Have their Vaccinations?

Notice what is happening in Tennessee. In this almost solidly Republican state, a law was recently passed by the legislature (which they call the General Assembly) that homeschooled children do not have to report their vaccine status. But the state health department has instead created a new rule that they do. How does this work? First, most homeschooling is done under the auspices of some umbrella managed by a private school. Therefore the definition of what a homeshooled student is is unclear. Second, as is true across the country since the Progressive school of thought promoting the idea of an expanded bureaucratic expert run and enforced policy making, normal functions of legislative, executive, and judicial are overshadowed. That is what has happened in TN: the bureaucrats are continuing on, in defiance of the legislature. Here the full situation in their podcast.

Coming attractions. To your location.

To thoroughly understand the dynamic, take Hillsdale College 101 and 201 on The Constitution. Those free courses, lectures by their professors, show the contrast between the original philosophy of our Constitution and the Progressive view of an expert  polymorphous rule making and inquisitorial enforcement.  So, while the founders expected every citizen to be able to compare Bible to all the laws so they could correct any deviation in the law in order to secure their liberty; by contrast, we have a socialist bureaucratic voluminous, ever changing laws that favors the oligarchy.



The abrogation of rights by rulemaking.


Mis-education in American universities??

Sounds far fetched, I know.
Today I was asked where “separation of church and state” came from. “Did that come from the Constitution?” I was asked.

I answered, “you know what the Bill of Rights says….”, and why, the historical context. I answered about Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists. Then I concluded. Then I went on to talk about to what extent the founding fathers were Deists. Then I realized that none of this had I been taught, but rather the reverse. Neither had the 40 year or the 20 year olds present.

What? could there have been a concerted, mass attempt to train people in something false? Of course, that couldn’t be. To say something like that you have to be some sort of crazy, wild-eyed subversive. Probably dangerous. But wait, isn’t that communist rhethoric: subversive? Or not, wait, was that a McCarthyism term? Oh, it is sounding confusing.

Take a look at this.