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Home Schooling Legal Information

I posted a rerun episode for our interviewing with the Home School Legal Defense Association last week. This would be helpful to all the families new to home education. Further, the lawyers who started this association did so specifically because they felt their children with special learning needs/”learning disabilities” were not being well served in public school.

However, I am not finding that post! And I know I posted it! Apparently, we are continuing to have technical difficulties. Our vendors have not changed, although they have updated their services. Are we being attacked because of what is posting on this website? Unknown. So, I apologize for what may seem like delayed posting.

I am trying to bring good information to you. It appears today that I will again have to interrupt the flow in order to work on technical difficulties — not to mention personal life. Stay tuned.

Weigh in with good ideas for our children! Email me personally to let me know of problems you are having. For now, if you don’t see this episode, use the search function in the right hand margin and put in ” home school legal” — that is all I know for now. Apologies!

Homeschooling Triples — Encouragement to Be Part of the Movement

By very conservative estimates, homeschooling has tripled. Why do you suppose?

Whatever the reasons, there are good academic reasons. Even after the covid theater has shut down, there are safety reasons. Character and civics education is very needed. Getting away from Critical Race Theory and Marxism is not on the list.  Worldview, lifestyle, and family reasons rank highly, too.

Here is some great encouragement for you. Also, I am offering some guidance on choosing curricula and methods. First, see my book ” Learn at Home for Great Shalom.”

Also, helpful for the student in junior and senior high, and certainly before going off to college. How to Win the Game of School.


Welcome Back Update

Today, “welcome back” has a new meaning. We overcame our technical problem. You should now be receiving your podcast through your normal method. Because we had this glitch many of you missed the last episode that answered your 3 biggest questions on homeschooling. (Will also help anyone having trouble with reading/writing.) Please check it out.

Then, I give you some updates about what is coming. Please answer the poll that is pinned to the top of the front page on our website, Please also email me with your questions and so forth. Please let me know if you want to be on any announcement list.

Please notice that I have some sales running on related packets in the “store.” Half price! on Dangerous Times for Parents and Educators. Half price on “When Reading Gets Rocky.” Just go to store and get a digital product right away.

Also, please notice my book. This is what started this podcast: Learn at Home for Great Shalom. it helps the parent decide what all needs to be taught and how. Then, you can go shop for the right curricula. Paperback or digital. Not on

Speaking of Amazon: here is a sneak peak. I have Bible Study curriculum coming out for upper elementary kids. A friend ask me to create something for her daughter because there was so very little that was not either babyish or adultish. You got it. Coming.