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Today, hear the extremely inspiring story of Marta Silva’s one woman revival in schools by reaching out to parents. With nothing more than the mandate from God, Marta went to schools in her area (northeastern US), reached out to parents, held a meeting, told them the problems, and inspired them to an active revival.  It is an inspiring story! One woman caused a parent revival that addressed the problems of their children in schools.

I met Marta at Calvary Pentecostal Campground one summer on what for me what a worship retreat and reconnoiter. Marta was the bright spot, so full of energy and faith. She told me what she was doing, just as a woman and a mother — but full of faith and Spirit. She was going to various school surroundings, door to door, asking parents to a meeting, sometimes at the school depending upon the administration, telling parents the problems, and getting revival and mobilization for reform.

Hear her story. Be patient with the sound. Then, go and do thou likewise!

How to Help Your Child Build a Successful Life

We all want a good life for our children, but all too often we don’t even define it. Sharon unpacks the ingredients, gets to the bottom of this, and makes it easy. Busts some myths along the way.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Lots and lots of quick ideas for having a merry month. Many are completely free and most are very inexpensive. You can make great memories, all the while have learning experiences that seem like play. Don’t spend ALL your time on academics. Have some fun, especially this year. Chock full of ideas to the end — you are going to love ’em!

Appeal for Starving Friends in Africa

Continued encouragement for home education. But while we have been facing our problems, our siblings have been facing starvation.
Making an ppeal for Kiteybi Light school on Homeschool 4
Pastor Ssebowa
Latest word is that their lockdown has been lifted — for the moment — but there are grave financial and social challenges. Please help?
You may reach Pastor Ssebowa on LinkedIn or Whatsapp.