Learn at Home For Great Shalom

Drawing from my own experiences both as an educator and then as a grandparent of some boys with some special learning needs, and at the command of my pastor, I wrote this book. This book helps you to consider all the aspects of what you need to teach and know what methods and then lastly, what curriculum to use. Often, mothers go about it the wrong way, directly to picking a curriculum that their friend found helpful. That might work, but to consider all the needs, and have a guide through the methods, and then pick a curriculum will find a much surer, better result. This is a unique, easy to understand methodology. This is a unique ministry, aiming for faith for overcoming learning problems rather than assuaging hurt feelings and urging resignation. This is a vital resource. Get it now. Click through on the right sidebar and the printer can send it either electronically or through print on demand. This is perhaps the most important investment you will ever make for your children.

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