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Is Hilary Clinton right that it takes more than just a parent or two to rear a child? Is she right in her plans to extend government reach in order to serve more children? Is this the best way? Let’s consider this. A more in depth and point-by-point consideration is in my book. And guess what? There is a 15% off sale TODAY. Just use the code: FIFTEEN.

Looking back at the stats, I am very confused. Do you like Bible Studies or interviews with providers more? Is there a pattern about what is liked? Is there a pattern of hits by month? I just can’t tell. Anyway, here is a very popular episode, one that matters to me a lot. I am following up on this idea, and the book I wrote in 2012 (The Government is not a Village available on, at the command of God, with another book, now on Amazon (How to Start a Daycare/Preschool as a Mission), with an online course.

It turns out that there is robust and replicated research that congregationally affiliated preschools have a much better academic outcome than any other type of preschool, far far better than Headstart — get this : even controlling for income in the home. This is huge. No one is talking about it. I was even told in one state by the person who controls the training for preschool teachers that I may not mention it. So much for science based education.

So if you want to make the most major impact the world, start a preschool in your church. Personalities are formed before 7 years of age. More than half of America’s children must be raised in group care. Take the lead in that group care. If you don’t know how, get my course.

Please please please, contact me. Let me know what you like about this podcast. Let me know what you are looking for that you are not finding. Please, just say hello, okay?

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