How to Pray for Your Children

This is a sample of a 7 part series on how to pray for your children. “Contending in Prayer” was what the old saints of yesteryear said. Actually, we are not fighting God or people, and really maybe not the devil. Maybe we are perservering and so maybe our fight is with “flesh” or “lower nature.” Anyway, I used that old language of “contending” profitably. And many people were encouraged.

Today you can order the 7 part series, on CDs, by sending a check for for $70.00 (now until June 1 2018 half price! only $35!) to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630. Also, there is a turnkey study guide for you or for a group of parents on, as well as a number of other books for you. OH!

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