Awakening Parents and Bringing Revival to Youth: Marta Silva

The Lord told Marta to go wake up parents, to tell them the dangers that their children were facing. She got a room, often at the school, and went door to door to invite parents. She is also talking directly to young people. She is experiencing revival now in her region (the northeast.) She tells you her simple formula. You can email her at… or you can simply replicate this model. Or hear your own.

A couple of years ago I met Marta Silva a couple of years ago at Calvary Pentecostal Campground, where we were both worshiping, going to summer camp-meeting. she told me of her new project. I probably told her of my podcast. This season, as we go into summer, I felt to have her on the ‘cast. Normally, I focus more on youth than children during the summer. I felt that right now was the right time for this idea to air. What about focusing on youth in your neighborhood this summer? What can you do?

Does it seem hopeless? It probably seems hopeless when the teen that Marta was talking to told her that he worshiped satan, but it was only a week later when he came back to her and gave his life to the Lord. You know, the Lord Jesus is a better lord than is satan. LOL. Catch Marta’s enthusiasm!

I apologize for the sound quality. We had a number of challenges in getting this interview long distance. I did what I could in audio editing to make her voice louder. If you have expertise to share on how to do long distance interviewing — or sound editing — feel free to contact me.

In the meantime …. see Jesus in the youth. When did we see you naked, hungry or in prison? When you saw the least of these. This probably means youth too, right? They are hurting, and yet may not know, literally no have any idea of which way to turn. They may never have heard of the saving work of Jesus Christ… or possibly even of the 10 Commandments. It is time to wake up!

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