Can you love someone and disagree with them at the same time?

For most of us, older folks, who have long been in church, we would think the answer to this question is obvious. Of course people and disagree about something and still love one another! How could it be any other way?
However, some folks think not. “This is who I am, so if you don’t agree, you don’t love me.”
Let’s consider the matter.
It is very important today.
Let’s also consider what it means to love, how to love wisely, and how to disagree properly.
Let’s consider what flows from each claim and counterclaim. Is it appropriate to say “You must agree with me completely or you are not loving”? What does it mean to a parent when a child says this? What might one say back?
Notice how this relates to child rearing, witnessing, evangelism, and politics today!
More, deeper Bible Study on this topic on What does it mean to follow Jesus, being loving, and yet standing against sin?
Feel free to weigh in… in a civil, polite, restrained way.

2 thoughts on “Can you love someone and disagree with them at the same time?

    1. ssarles Post author

      Is sensitivity the deal? Or immaturity?
      Or is it bullying? An opposite value set being imposed?


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