Resources for Overcoming Learning Disabilities –AND Christmas Gift Giving!

Just felt that I needed to go over the resources I offer, since many of you haven’t heard of them yet. Starting with the book that started this broadcast, I give you a 360 birds’ eye view of all your child’s needs, to you can pick what to teach, then give you some choices about methods, so that you can go and pick curricular resources — RATHER than just shoot in the dark as is usually done. You are not trying to replicate a failed and limited public school system, with it very limited fact/skill base, aimed at the average student, with methods at best suited for the factory system. Yes! This is directly overcoming “learning disabilities” or “overcoming learning problems” — each chapter deals with different learning needs and how to cover that — no matter if your student is average, above or below — who cares? The point is, how can you help your student. I answer that.

Also I talk about solid and unique resources for study skills and learning English spelling. Also, other resources for the parent, educator, and citizen interested in education. Come to

Please buy from a small business this month — for everybody’s future.

Books are print on demand OR ebooks at either or Just put in “Sharon Sarles” to see my books.
For audio resources, select store” tab above — and pay there.
The Paypal logo on the side widget is for giving one. Thanks a millon!
Happy Thanksgiving, Blessed Nativity, and happy anyday!

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