BE The Village

Once we understand the problems, have analyzed the difficulty of the current policy, what will we do? We might sally forth and try to change public policy, but experience says that such efforts normally go into the black hole of frustration. There is something, however, that can be done directly. You, yourself can probably help children.

If public policy for public education of young children has been worse and worse, there is some robust, replicated, scientific research that shows that church affiliated schools and preschool outperform. So instead of tearing your hair out trying to expand public education, why not help a congregation open a preschool? We have many buildings empty all week. We have a few good women, often college educated, who might work part-time. Churches have the expertise — and the history. If you can not do this, you have find someone who can. There are obstacles, of course, but I can help you over them.

First, take a listen. Then share. How much more sensible, practical, than sallying forth with self-righteous finger pointing: “It Takes a Village.” Well, if so, then WE need to be that village. The government is not a village. Not even a city. We can be, though. Please next, go to for more information how your congregation could start a licensed child care center as a mission.

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