Leaving a Legacy IN our Children

These days we do hear the Proverb quoted that a good man leaves a legacy for his children and his children’s children. Prov 13:22. More important, of course, is that we leave a legacy IN our children. Sparking off a tragic story then in the news, I talk about the difficult situation that so many children and youth are in. Let’s consider what we can do.

Ha! I saw a posting this morning from a teacher who is quitting teaching. Not because the pay is better or the passion more in some other job. She says is it also NOT because children have changed. She says what has changed is parenting. SELAH.

This episode is the first in a series of 9. I also have a book on the topic, but it is not like the episdoes. It is a turn-key Bible study for a women’s group. There are even activities for the children. But if you don’t have a group, don’t worry, it will work for you too. It is all ready to go. You can get it in paperback or eformat. Get the Legacy Workbook.

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