Tips on Homeschooling to Keep you Out of Legal Trouble

Last in our series for our new homeschoolers: basic legal tips and system navigation tips to keep you out of trouble. We have given you the steps in order. Different states will differ, but if you sign up with the organizations we tell you, you will be fine. Be sure not to be accused of truancy. This might happen if the child was enrolled in school and then doesn’t show up. This is an punishable offense, so avoid it by simple officially withdrawing the student. Secondly, be prepared for any challenge that you are abusing your child. It is a serious charge, has been abused by social workers and judges. The simple preventative is to have legal representation ahead of time, in the form of your club membership. Thirdly, do not be taken in by lies that public school officials will tell you, unintentionally or not. Further, don’t be frightened by their bullying. I give you some of my stories, since now they are old enough to avoid lawsuits or embarrassment; however, the same behavior, and worse, goes on today. Here the whole story.

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