Testimony of an English Teacher – Phonics Saves Students

I read and comment on the testimony of a high school English teacher. When he used the program Alpha Phonics for only 10 minutes a day with his students, he got a dramatic reduction in discipline problems, and a dramatic rise in retention and grades. In short, he was finally teaching students to read — students who had wanted to learn to read all of their school career. But the school, and the teachers, by policy had chosen not to teach them. To read.

Yes. Here his experience. Understand then, so very much.

Alpha Phonics appears to be a program by Samuel Blumenfeld, who, with Alex Newman wrote a book that this testimony is appended to. A review on that will be forthcoming.


Christian Book has Alpha Phonics in paper and audio form


The book *Crimes of the Educators* is widely available. Here it is in pdf.


Here is Alex Newman introduced by FACE   https://face.net/alex-newman/

Here is Alex Newman’s current broadcast, episode index

The Sentinel Report by Alex Newman https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15806242/

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