Rescue of Children – Sex Abuse Rings Busted

In our series of the great rescues that God did over this Passover season, we are going to cover a rescue of children from sexual abuse rings. We will not talk about the horrible details. I heard this from a ministry I trust. I could not find examples during the exact week. What I did find was reputable, conventional news sources reporting this regularly over the last 3 years or so. I had not really heard much about it. Had I mentioned elite people participating in child sexual abuse, with or without idolatrous religious connections, and/or law enforcement stopping and prosecuting same, I would have been mocked as a conspiracy theorist. However, apparently, this indeed was going on. Obviously, anyone who would do such a thing would like to keep it secret. That it is regularly being reported that there are “busts” is a good thing — if we can assume that these reports are true. If even half true, then some children were rescued. If there are ongoing abuses, let alone a trend, then more and more children are being rescued. Future children won’t be abused, thank God.

This Passover/Resurrection season surely has been amazing. We are in a regroup now, a shut-in time (hopefully shut in with God), in order to be released into working in the Great Awakening manifested on Pentecost. I think many of us are being awakened during this time. We are finding new news sources, and sloughing off old, corrupt ones. We are discovering corruption in most sectors or society. Our eyes are being opened to the creeping evil and resultant slavery even in our own country, cities, and homes.

Let’s a greet every revelation with thanks. God is on the move.First we hear the rustle. Then we go with God.

Let’s prepare to go with God. And God wants total well-being for all children!