Homeschooling More Popular After Covid-19 Experience

During this unprecedent time, with so many families being shut in for an extended period of time, families have had an opportunity to get just a taste of what home education might be like. They didn’t have support in it, not mentoring, nor models, nor social outlet. They didn’t have new curricula of their choice. They didn’t have a choice. Even still, they have come to see that being involved in their children’s schooling could be a good thing. Or maybe, they discovered some bad things about how school was done. Perhaps they discovered how little children were actually expected to do. Maybe they discovered poor textbooks. Maybe they discovered a socialist bent. They could have discovered how hard it is, how frustrated they are with their children, or how likely abuse is. But actually, they didn’t…. for the most part.

Are you curious? Texas Home School Coalition took a survey and Tim Lambert tells us what they found.

We will be supporting and resourcing this idea, this effort.