Important Common Sense Info : A Doctor, A Petition, A Minister

It is the mission of this broadcast ministry to share “good ideas” from experts that would help the well-being of children. Here is a doctor weighing in with advice and information that is professional, common sensical, suppressed, and important.

recorded May 10, 2020 Dallas
Please share widely.

For a petition against coerced vaccines:
There are many others. I encourage you strongly to be active as a citizen. Inform your representatives. Remove by election any who pet you on the head and do as they like. They are supposed to be representatives and not rulers. And certainly not illegal conspiratorial rulers. This mean email, call, and write, and then be active politically, and of course vote. This is all very much preferable to either having to use force of arms or dying a martyrs’ death.

Both of which seem to be choices quickly arriving.

For a minister’s opinion on current events, in light of Scripture, please see Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne May 14, 2020
Earlier in the week, he had a lawyer who is a Constitutional expert on. She has written a book for children, too.

Please devote adequate time to teaching your child the Bible and the founders’ view of liberty and a government constrained by law. The Constitution, and not people, are the supreme law of the land. Government was endowed with power in order to protect our rights. Not something else.

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