Requiring an Untested, Unlicensed V*xx is illegal in US

Image credit to Getty Images. Thanks to Check the News.

But not everyone agrees:

Requiring an untested, unlicensed v*xx is illegal in the US.

Or, in other words, don’t be bullied. Questions have arisen bout the ability to have children. Claims from research doctors include: Autoimmune problems, attacks against tissues including kidney, liver, hearth, brain. Aches and pains. Sooner death. (Dr. Sherri TenPenny, interview on DayStar.)

Then, what might the spiritual cost be of having not entirely human DNA? (Kevin Zadai).

I’m not claiming to be the authority, but questioning those who are, and who have like Cuomo, caused a lot of destruction, is certainly warranted.

BTW, today in the news flipflop Fauci warns parents against letting children play with other without masks, while Texas’ Gov. Abbot touts continued reduction of identified cases after mask mandate was dropped. (BTW, Texas hospitals have struggled with low customers, and some are being sold at this moment. Remember what we were told last year at this time. Cases do not equal hospitalizations. “Cases” is manipulated.)

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