Blessed Resurrection Day

A blessed resurrection day! Welcome to all my Lioness listeners. I welcome listeners from around the world. You are all my lioness listeners — meaning, mothers who work ferociously for the well=-being of their children. I tell a little bit about my story. I want to be sure you know about my resources. We also have a big announcement: you can join now at the Tribe or Pride level.

Back story: The term “tiger mom” was coined by Amy Chua. A quick search reveals mostly now mostly negative chatter, which is unfortunate. Here is a comment from a Tiger cub Here is another.

Asians do have a reputation for being academically oriented. While Asian cultures do value scholarship, the stereotype of Asian American mothers as being harsh or Asian American students as being inherently “brainy” is unfortunate. Studies show that while Asians do, on average, make better grades than other groups in the US, they also study more. In short, hours doing homework makes better grades. The same studies show that often Asian American students study in groups, either with siblings or with friends. This too, results in higher grades. Thus, rather than falling into racism, crazed supposed anti-racism, or into an overly quick criticism of mothering, let’s simply take the inspiration for scholarship and children’s well-being.

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