More Doctors Raise Questions on V**z*n*s

Levine hosts Doctor raising questions about C***-19. Notice what the doctor says it is all about. M0ore and more doctors are raising questions. Often they get shut down.

Shuttlesworth hosts Dr. Kelly Victory :
HEALTH CARE WORKER DIES IN PORTUGAL, evidently from the Pf**** V888zn

CONFERENCE AVAILABLE Doctors, lawyers, a bishop, and many others. Looks like it is free.

Latest: ICAN sues CDC for suppression of info on vaccines causing autism.

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Lastly, Dr. Fauci himself questions the efficacy of the vaccine

, as reported in Epoch Times.
Let me underline that, Dr. Fauci, respected as the head of the US effort to “combat” covid-19 said that the efficacy of the vaccine is not proven and people should continue wearing masks.
It should also be noted that Fauci was a consultant for the Wuhan Lab that has nothing to do with the covid-19 outbreak, that he was associated with a past president (before Trump) and a tech mogul famed for pushing vaccines, and has been photographed both not wearing a mask or having pulled it down.


Dr. TenPenny covers the new, experimental vaccines on Daystar March 10, 2021. Two are similar and the other is very different. Details here. Notice that she worries about lack of synergistic effects, exactly what we heard about in our very first v**cine episdoe in 2009. Many people, we know, are dying. Dr. TenPenny expects auto-immune disorders and problems with lungs, liver, kidneys, hearts, and brains. BTW, deathrate for children under 12 is nil. why are we traumatizing them in so many ways? Unlike other vaccines, no one can detox from these 3 vac##nes. She recommends God’s hands.

One thought on “More Doctors Raise Questions on V**z*n*s

  1. ssarles Post author

    Oh really? someone else weighs in — differently in private than in public?
    Epoch Times reports that leaked footage shows that Zuckerberg has concerns about safety of the void-190 vax, even tho he said the opposite in public with Fauci. Btw, it is a known fact that the covid-19 vax has RNA in it that does or could affect human RNA/DNA . So, looks to me like this is not an opinion flip by a knowing lie. See what you think.


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