CDC Says Teachers Need Not be Vaccinated

Real statistics show that younger people, that is less that 65 years of year are not very suspectible to covid-19 being serious health risk. Even discounting the inflation of the statistics that we have seen … since htose of the Diamond Princess. Yet, we have had mass chaos around school opening, closing, opening hybrid. Some children benefited as they were more closely supervised by their parents who discovered that home education was superior. Many other children, however, simply lost out those months of schooling. Most teachers continued to get paid.

Now that there is a vaccine of sorts, there is a generated perception that there is a shortage. Teachers’ unions once again are raising their voice and once again the most vulnerable children stand to lose out. Now the authority over this in the US, the CDC, :{, has spoken. CDC says that teachers do not need to be vaccinated in order for school to start safely. Children are not very suspectible. Neither are teachers.

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