Great Info Coming on Great Shalom – Education, Faith, Answers

I have such important things to post, but gosh, right now, I can’t. We have some technical transitions going on. Once we accomplish it, we will have much greater reach and it will be easier for you to access our episodes.

In the virtual green room, is an episode about how to “be the village” that children need. This is current; both candidates for presidents acknowledge we need to pay attention to children’s education. Okay, but what? How will it work? What can you do now? I will answer that.

Also I have a series ready on how to answer questions and challenges to the faith. You and your children, at least your older children desperately need this information. How I have seen good Christian parents be dismayed at what their children turned out to be. They never realized that other influences were giving them an alternate value system. They may not have realized that they themselves had swallowed one. Let’s talk. I’ve got some answers for you.

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