Boy is Cured of “Developmental Delay” and “Dysgraphia” by Innovative Education

Here is my experience of working with my grandchildren. Primarily I want to talk to you about one what was 3 and 4 at the time. At 3 he was not talking. He was diagnosed then as “developmental delay” exactly what would have been called “retarded” when I was younger. I worked with him and he started talking when he was three. When he was four I was homeschooling him and his older brother. I helped him hold a pencil and learn basics. He went into school and no one ever knew he ever had any kind of diagnosis. Hear all about it.

This testimony is so very important because most people just give up when they are given a diagnosis. They allow it to become a death knell or an excuse, rather than guidance for how to better educate.

Seeking the right solutions for your child is a kind of faith, just as much as prayer and confessions! It is faith with legs moving! If you were believing for more income, would you remain in your chair or look for a job or ways to expand your business? Similarly with health and education success, faith is grasping what is available. Don’t let diagnoses be demonic prophecies! Let it be guidance for what problems to solve and how to solve them. Fix problems, not blame and not labels!

Btw, this child is now 14 and flying Black Hawk helicopters (on flight simulator software) with great skill. He plays football. He beat me at Monopoly. His only problem in school is that he is… well a typical boy of 14. Notice: NOT RETARDED!

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