Time to Get Ready for School – Planning

This episode is from an 6 part exegesis of I Tim 2 & 3, giving advice on how to rear and teach children in dark days. It is part of a series, available for half price this week. Only $25.00 plus $5.00 SH. Send to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Are you gearing up for school? Are you relieved? Really? Are you dreading it? Oh dear.
How about a little planning? Kay Orr shares how she gets ready.


How about a little prayer?
Bob Long came into the studio a few years ago and gave us a prophetic prayer for teachers. You can find that in our archives.
There are some prayer groups fo moms who gather weekly to pray for their students, teachers, and school administrators.
There are some groups of moms who even pray for public school teachers — and send nice gifts.

Let’s have faith for turning over the world around you from darkness to light. Let’s envision expanding the garden around out.

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