Encouragement, Warnings and Tips for Teachers

Teacher have it hard. No one can believe or understand how hard until they have taught. Further, it is worse than it has ever been.
I remember how shocked my mother was when she went back to teaching after 15 years away. Society changed. I certainly saw changes during my 20 years experience.

Today, our episode honors and helps teachers. It is an exegesis of I Timothy 2 and 3. I remember how much encouragement and guidance it gave my practice of teaching when I first did this study. Suitable for those in both Christian and public schools. Suitable for teachers at every level.

This is one of 6 messages in a series called God’s End-Time Advice for Parents and Teachers. I strongly encourage you to get this series. This week, like last, we are running a half price sale, in order to get it into your hands. Sorry, we have to do this the old fashioned way: send $25.00 and $5.00 for s/h to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park Texas 78613.

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