Vaccines Controversy Rages – Here is Real Info

We have an ongoing discussion about vaccines in our society: parents tell horror stories while governments and businesses spend extra money on encouraging vaccines like never before. Here is one family weighing in.

Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret

We have heard a lot about Zika, and all very confusing. We have heard we need to be worried and careful about mosquito bites and we have had reports of no evidence of Zika in our area. We are hearing that it is an epidemic in Florida and that it is not. One representative from medicine company says a Zika vaccine is a long way off. The president encourages us that a Zika vaccine will come quickly.

Then I heard two different reports that Zika was in fact not a virus but, instead the result of a vaccination campaign in Brazil. And there were further allegations that I am afraid to own, but when I checked them out was told that they were quite possible.

What I think I can say with some certainty is that safety testing would be appreciated before we have massive mandatory vaccination campaigns. Further, I can say I am suspicious and wary of interests who find it useful to smear researchers and clinicians while making a great deal of profit. Further, I have no patience with authorities who act like bullies, shutting down discussion, and cover up real science (meaning peer reviewed scientific journals).

What I can offer you is this interview with a world-class researcher, who engaged in world class research on a variety of topics. I think he speaks quite sensibly and unsensationalistically. I offer it to you to make your own determinations.

3 thoughts on “Vaccines Controversy Rages – Here is Real Info

  1. ssarles Post author

    BBC, the most trusted and least political of the major news outlets has been covering zika. Today they had a short clip of a doctor/researcher indicating that zika had been detected in semen 6 months after contact, in a symptonless patient. 9/7/2016

    Also reported earlier this month, pesticide used against mosquitos because of the zika outbreak have killed millions of bees.

  2. ssarles Post author

    Authorities continue to urge vaccination while fringe researchers warn of stroke risk for children.

    Dr. Andrew Moulden: Learning to Identify Vaccine Damage…

    Video embedded · Dr. Andrew Moulden: Learning to Identify Vaccine … they are still strokes. … ill within 4 hours of receiving the MMR vaccine. The parents of baby …
    Vaccine-induced strokes on the rise among young …

    Vaccine-induced strokes on the rise among … Vaccine-induced strokes on the rise among young people. … more than a decade ago that vaccines can cause ‘micro-strokes’
    Vaccines cause “microvascular strokes” that cause ……/vaccines-cause-microvascular-strokes…

    Oct 16, 2008 · Vaccines cause “microvascular strokes … mini-strokes” in babies; That vaccines result in the … the shots cause our body’s …

  3. ssarles Post author

    Latest news May, 12, 2021
    Tucker Carlson exposes paper trail that proves that Fauci subverted US law to fund Wuhan Lab in order to make bat-related bio-weapon we now call covid-19.

    Do a search and compare what the “conventional news sources” have to say. Revealing.

    Also reported and commented on by Johnathan Shuttlesworth:

    In related news: (U of Pittsburg greatest source of most mature, most fresh fetal tissue, in whole or in parts, and program funded by NAID, headed by Anthony Fauci)


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