Are We Living in a Sexualy Repressed Society?

Are we STILL being taught that today’s problems exist because we lived in a sexually repressed society? WHAT? Time to rethink.

Repressed Sex?

Apparently, this is still taught and still given as an explanation. However, we surely know that our society is HIGHLY sexualized. Indeed, it has become stock-in-trade to point to the 1960s ubiquitous practice of selling cars by draping pretty young women across the hoods. While that is not done any longer because of the outcry of the feminist movement — and the number of female car buyers — today we are even more highly sexualized. Just go out in public and watch people. See how they dress. How they interact. Sexual purity has become a relic of the past. Indeed, suggesting that sex should be between one man and one woman in marriage only itself has become controversial, even despised. So the argument fails.

So why is it still trotted out? Does some one have an agenda to push? Who benefits from pushing this oversexualization? Who benefits from condemning wholesomeness and sexual purity? And why?

If it is NOT TRUE that sexual problems in society stem primarily from sexual repression (and given that we have more sexual problems than ever, more rape, more violence, more children molested, and much much more sex trafficing, then why isn’t some constraint being considered? Why not a move FOR “sexual repression”?

Is it because of this old saw? Where did it come from? Why is it still repeated? How could we change the situation?

Speak the truth.

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