Parenting Coaches?

I love coaching parents to work more effectively with their kids and I’d like to tell you why. Maybe God will inspire in you the same passion, and you’d like to become part of our network of coaches. We have a Biblical Parenting Coaching Program to train others to strengthen families.Coaching Blesses Families in Tangible…

via Why I LOVE Coaching Parents — Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN On Parenting

I can not endorse any given parenting coach, but what a great idea! Wow! I’ve seen a lot of ideas and seldom had the opportunity to see how the kids turned out. And indeed, kids arrive in the world all different, anyway. But having some way to improve is a great idea.

So many ideas conflict! Oy vey!

So i would like to hear from readers/listeners about any good experiences with parenting coaches.

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