“Zero Percent Chance of Living”

“Zero Percent Chance of Living” is what the medic said about my grandson when he took him off the icy pavement and put him into the ambulance. But we believe in healing. I called up another ministry in that town. We all prayed. He turned 5 in a coma. When he came to, the nurses celebrated with me. When my grandson went to a room and I had a moment, I called the DPS medic to thank him. He was speechless.

That is how this broadcast started. My daughter and her sons had a terrible auto accident. It was that icy Christmas of 2004. I sent her away, back to her home, so I could have a bit of a rest over the holidays. But we got that call. That one you always dread. We got on a plane to the next big city, where there was what was supposed to be the best pediatric ICU unit in the state. We set up camp. We prayed. I called for help.

This one lived. And more than lived. He was not a vegetable as the nurses assured me he would be. Oh… lots of stories along the way. About those nurses, for instance. But anyway, that grandson when on to be an honor student in the first grade. He went on to have a normal life, according to his circumstances.

And my pastor at that time ORDERED me to write a book about how I helped my grandchildren. That book is Learn at Home for Great Shalom. You don’t have to be a homes educator to use the knowledge of how to help your child, no matter what the learning need. Then God said to go on the radio. Which I did. Then I figured out that young mothers were more likely to listen to podcasts than Christian teaching and talk channels, so I was an early adopter of podcasting.

Here we are. I am just now figuring out how to offer Lioness levels. I am inviting you into faith for your child’s success. You might need a miracle like the one we got with this one. Hear the story.

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