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Have Fun with your Children this Thanksgiving

We are reposting an older Thanksgiving post. From 2020 but sadly, current today. I did hope to find one with activities; I know you like that.

One idea, right up front: find out the difference between the Pilgrims and the Puritans. And search to find a televised parade from Plymouth. It may be this weekend rather than next. Pilgrims would be a great theme for lessons and artwork and play.

Have fun this holiday. Do things with your children.  It IS important, more important than your job ,career or your activism;  it is your most important ministry.

Btw, they are not “kids.”  That was a term that was once considered to be endearing, saying how children act like little goats. Do not curse them in that way. Say: children.

Our whole culture needs to repent and start valuing children. So obvious. Will happen. The sooner the better. Turning the hearts of the parents to the children and the heart of the children to the parents.

Btw, you may enjoy the *Chosen* series. You can watch this free in one way or another. I just saw Matthew going to reconcile with his father, after hearing Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Touching. But that was beginning Season 3 and Season 4 is coming out. Enjoy.

How to Be Thankful When You Don’t Feel Thankful — and how to help your kids

It is Thanksgiving and we will get sermons on being grateful. But what about those who are not thankful? Maybe reasonably so? Let me help you. I bring Bible and Science. Also, these are good things to teach your children or methods to help them. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Links for Thanksgigving 2017

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Strand’s book on asking Trigger: Better Answers to Better Questions Lead to Intentional Results

Sharon’s How to Win the Game of School

Worship collections
Integrity has a large collection
Alfred Msuci has Top Praise and Worship Instrumental
Somerset’s Heart of Worship
MacAlmon’ has Glory of His Presence

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I mentioned 5-HTP, Dopa-Mind and Natural Cortisol Balance
Life Extension

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Thanksgiving: Have a Happy and Healing Holiday

This week we will post a little early because we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, the usual day for posting. This year, let’s talk again about how healthful traditional holiday foods are. Why am I bringing this up on a healing ‘cast? Because divine health was God’s original intent. God made the earth good, remember? Of course, it got broken along the way. And that is why we need healing. The intent was good. The plan was good. The food that came with the garden is still good! Sometimes human society cooks up broken things, but you and I can still serve wholesome and delicious food. I hope you will be cheered and comforted by how great all that traditional food is. Did you know sweet potatoes have a high density of vitamins and minerals?  Did you know that Turkey is supposed to make you relax? Relaxed is good. Right? Enjoy!

Also, if you need some help with all those vitamins, and with info on them, notice that at the bottom of the Great Shalom home page there is a link to Pure. Pure Encapsulations is the highest quality supplements; my healthfood MD recommends them. However, now on their website they have other brands. Including some Life Extension products, which are the greatest for the grandparent generation.  Check them out.

For holiday gift giving, please let me strongly recommend the music at Wholetones. This music was heaven inspired for healing and relaxation. You have got to heal the story how it came about. There is even a connection to King David. It worked for me.  For the link to Wholetones (or Barton Publishing), look to the Right, top.


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Are you passing down the legacy of giving thanks?

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America. Most families get together to eat a big meal, and the men go off to watch football. Before eating many go around the table saying what they are thankful for. It is a wonderful holiday.

Some times we wonder what we have to be thankful for. This is a short sighted position. Giving thanks for what IS good makes things better. God gave us this planet, this life, new life in Christ, and hope for the future in the here-and-now and in the here-after.

President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a holiday in the middle of the terrible civil war. He understood that giving of thanks would make things better. First it makes you feel better. Then it receives of God’s good will to give us gifts.

We still have much freedom in our country. I knew a minister named Bill Bazansky. He had grown up in a communist country. Wow, he was thankful to be in America. And he let you know it. He was a joyful man. It was great to be with him. He was an inspiration.

Let’s be that kind of inspiration for our children.