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Beat Depression 5 Ways

Today I give you five definite ways to beat depression. Today we are focusing on the spiritual. Many recovered addicts and many joyful people will tell you that their healing and health is rooted in spiritual reality. Okay, you might say, but HOW? I hear you. So I am suggesting 5 definite techniques for you to use to increase you spiritual connection and joy.

Feel free to let me know how it goes. And if it helps you, won’t you share with a friend?

You know my general method of start at the beginning of the health and self management protocol and work you way up — rather than going straight to allopathic medicine first, avoiding self-responsibility and common sense and immediately immersing yourself in potentially dangerous psuedo- solutions. This is not to say that allopathy is never useful; only that we should start with common sense.

How to Be Thankful When You Don’t Feel Thankful — and how to help your kids

It is Thanksgiving and we will get sermons on being grateful. But what about those who are not thankful? Maybe reasonably so? Let me help you. I bring Bible and Science. Also, these are good things to teach your children or methods to help them. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Links for Thanksgigving 2017

New American Primer – 1 cd $10.00 to P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, TX 78613
Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way (Sorry, I can no longer give you the links to Amazon.)

Strand’s book on asking Trigger: Better Answers to Better Questions Lead to Intentional Results

Sharon’s How to Win the Game of School

Worship collections
Integrity has a large collection
Alfred Msuci has Top Praise and Worship Instrumental
Somerset’s Heart of Worship
MacAlmon’ has Glory of His Presence

Wholetones Christmas Album Vol. 1 (Digital Access)

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I mentioned chamomile and rosebud. You can normally get these at any healthfood grocery store.

I mentioned 5-HTP, Dopa-Mind and Natural Cortisol Balance
Life Extension

Pure brand supplments