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Dani Johnson Warns Parents re Porn Assault on Kids

In early 2009, Dani Johnson, multi-level marketing guru, author and mother of 5 granted us an interview, sharing her concern that marketing moguls were targeting children for porn addiction.

Please share with us your responses. How do you keep your children safe?

Do you recognize that since then much has changed for our children, including the federal mandate to let biological males into girls bathrooms. This too, was a concerted plan. Even though the court has stopped this mandate temporarily, historically we can see that forces of change are patient — and sentiments are often formed in public school.

What do you do to be sure that your children are safe?
What can you do to insure safety and freedom in the future or all children?
do you see a connection between the rise in porn and the rise in sex trafficking?


Yesterday the broadcast was about freedom from mental torment, sexual bondage, and political bondage — and what to tell your kids so they remain free. Controversial issues. Issues ignored in the local church. Last week I covered whether or not Bible believers should pay attention to food disciplines, and if so, which ones.

No comments on the blog? Was I THAT persuasive? Mowed ALL arguments? Well, I’ve been teaching long enough to know that no matter how solid the truth of the presentation, someone will argue. Look folks, I really did solve first, Sunday before last, a huge controversy about food. Then last night address topics that are really burning and overlooked. If you didn’t hear them, check them out no the “listen now” page. Get free and help your children stay free.

Sexual purity

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