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Rest as a Brain Optimization & Longevity

We all know we need to rest, right? Except those of us who went to grad school.
Really, getting the right amount of sleep is vital to brain function.
Don’t let your kids watch movies during the night! Don’t give them pop at bedtime! And, grandparents, work on keeping on sleeping like you were young. It is (almost) possible.
It is important.
Here are some ideas.

Mom, you are of utmost importance


Who your baby is, depends in large part on you. Oh sure, some things come with being born, but A LOT comes from learning. Brain development depends upon that “enriched environment” meaning what you, mom, do. It doesn’t take a degree. It is not complicated. Just play with baby. Just show baby some stuff. Let baby explore in a safe way. It makes all the difference in that life.