Overcoming Disappointment

Kids with Learning Disabilities maybe have the greatest challenge in overcoming disappointment. They are skilled, smart, and they know it, but their disability gets them disrespected and discredited. Imagine having disgraphia but having brilliant things to write, yet your teacher can not read it. Or won’t.

Learning to overcoming disappointment may be the greatest skill in the world. Every one, including the most brilliant scientist and the greatest entrepreneur has faced setback. The ones that win were the ones that got back up. While yes, some are blessed and gifted, everyone has some gift and some blessing. Some have turned their very difficulty into a blessing. Mark Twain was told he would never amount to anything. Alexander the Great was an orphan. Wayne Dyer was a foster child. Eveyone must learn to overcome disappointment.

Kids with learning disabilities might have to learn this earlier and more often. I’d like to change that for all of them. I’d like to do away with disappointment. To the extent I can not, however, I will point out the benefit of learning to overcome disappointment.

It is comforting to think that those who are attacked by disappointment the most are those who have high goals and are not settling, not resigning themselves. It seems real that those who are fighting for Good are the very ones who have to face the army of Evil. It would be better if we had friends to stand with us, but when we do not, then even more, we must use the muscle of overcoming disappointment.

Here is a word from someone else on the matter:

Disappointment Is God Saying "Better Is Just Ahead"

Blessings to all of you. Please pray for me also. –Sister Sharon

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